Rippetoe Studios


Engagement Session Information

When to book - I’m able to schedule your session Monday through Thursdays and ideally we will be shooting in the evening or early morning. The best light is sunrise and two hours before sunset! 

As early as a sunrise session sounds, the light is perfect. It’s also the best way to check out areas that get a little bit more crowded as the day rolls on. If you want to shoot in popular parks/gardens I definitely suggest doing it earlier in the day. Plus, it’s an easy way to beat the heat! 

If you have to get Save the Dates out try to plan your session accordingly. Since the general edit time for photos is 2-3 weeks, I recommend planning the shoot around 5 months before the wedding. That gives you plenty of time to get everything put together. 


What to expect - These sessions are really about coming together and celebrating you. It’s a chance to capture moments that tell your story, showcase creativity, and illustrate the love you share. 

It’s also the perfect opportunity for you to get to know me, for me to learn how you work as a couple, and how we all work as a team. Both of you, me, and the camera. It’s a great way to learn about each other’s personalities and comfort zones. This is also a chance to practice for the wedding day, everything goes much smoother if we’re already comfortable with one another. 

How long your session is depends on you and your partner. Sometimes we shoot for forty-five minutes, sometimes we shoot for half of the day. Each couple is different and I try to gauge the amount of time we spend on how you both feel. Taking photos can be overwhelming, especially if you haven’t done it before. 

My style is more laid back and relaxed. I try to stay away from “traditional” poses, you’ll rarely hear me asking you to kiss, or do any overtly PDA moves. Hopefully this encourages you to be yourself, and get comfortable in the space that we are working in. 

After the session I’m totally open to any feedback you may have. Let me know what you think, it will help me create better images for you on your wedding day! 


Location - Pick somewhere that you care about. Take this as a chance to get out of the house and explore somewhere. Wherever we go, try to have a connection to it. That way you will be a bit more comfortable and excited about the pictures.  

Sometimes the best spots are in the most obscure places. Think about the location and what it has going on. While a beach might be a beautiful setting, it is a wide open expanse with not many opportunities for a variety of pictures. That’s not to say beaches are bad, California has some amazingly intricate and complex coastline that are perfect for photos! Essentially the more complicated areas offer better opportunities. 

If you are having trouble thinking of a spot, let me know! 


What to wear - Just like your location, your outfits should be an expression of you. You’ll also want to keep your location in mind while planning your wardrobe. Pick something that won’t blend into the background easily. A touch of red, blue, or yellow can really pop and make you stand out. 

Complement your partner but try not to match. Think of it as going to an event together, have your own style and match each other accordingly. Accessories can easily tie outfits together. Avoid baggy shirts, polos, tennis shoes, and graphic tees. 

During the shoot please take as few items with you as possible. It’s easy to lose track of your phone or wallet, and it could set the shoot back awhile if we have to retrace our steps to find things. Leave anything that is unnecessary in the car, or I can carry them. I’ll have some really big bags so it’s no bother!

Confidence is everything, especially when it comes to photos. Your pick of location should set you at ease and make you feel at home, and your outfit should do the same. What you choose should be comfortable, complementary to your style, and make you feel great. If you feel good, you look good. 


This is just a basic guideline to help you, if you have further questions let me know. I look forward to photographing you soon!