Rippetoe Studios

About Us

What we're all about

The Idea.

We care about moments, and to capture the best moments we have to click (camera pun). For us, weddings are about friends and family coming together to celebrate and party, and we want to be a part of that. We want to hang out with you while you are getting ready, celebrate with you, and party our asses off. As a pretty laid back crew we work best with couples that are relaxed and just want to have fun. 

We always suggest that you talk to as many photographers/videographers as you can before booking one. Find the person that truly connects with you, and book them. Try to hire someone you would be best friends with. When you are comfortable with us and we connect with you it allows us to shoot uninhibited, and when we have freedom you get the best images. 

The Group. 

Eleyana and I (Caleb here, Hello!) grew up with a videographer as a dad, so it was natural that we would fall in love with some sort of visual art. I started Rippetoe Studios as a film company while traveling through Asia filming documentary pieces for nonprofits, and started filming weddings when I returned. When Eleyana joined me we dove headfirst into photography as well. There’s something about capturing a split second, a moment where everyone is laughing, or theres a special twinkle in your eye, that draws me in. Currently we are a three photographer/filmmaking team: Eleyana (sister) handles most of the filming, Denise (sister-in-law) handles most of the photography, and I (still Caleb) do a healthy mix of both. We’ve embraced the whole cheesy family business thing so that we can focus on you and your family, making sure you don’t miss a moment of your day when looking back on it.